Hi, I'm Michel Bosch and I'm a filmmaker.
Born in Haarlem, and, after a childhood in Maastricht and college days in Amsterdam, back in Haarlem again; close to the sea and to most potential clients in the greater Amsterdam area, how convenient. 

I make films, I shoot and edit, mostly corporate video and documentary.
I studied Educational Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and yet I chose to be a filmmaker instead. I’ve worked professionally as a cameraman since starting at Amsterdam’s local news network AT5 in early 1996. After that I moved on to NOB Field, Cinevideogroep and  RTL Nieuws. I’ve been freelancing as a cameraman/videographer/DoP/editor/photographer since 2000.
This website offers a comprehensive view of my work and experience.
Besides Springtij Film, which luckily happens to be the greatest job in the world,    I love my two kids Yke and Pleun, my wonderful and very talented wife Liesbeth, and surfing, boxing, travel and photography.
When I grow up, I’ll be a beekeeper or winemaker.
I do hope you’ll enjoy my work, it's for your viewing pleasure
.. And hey, don’t be a stranger: hire me. 
Best regards,
michel@michelbosch.nl         +31.624576820